Sunday, April 6, 2014

LEB Workshop Assignment 5: Stomach/Waist

Hey there!
I’m getting back on track with the LEB (Love Every Body) Workshop :) This month's (April) assignment #5 is up: Stomach/Waist (previous assignment also posted here). How do I feel about my stomach/waist?
(Original photos posted here)

Well in short, we have an on and off again relationship *o* Sometimes I love it, and other times not so much. My stomach is one of the smallest measurements on my body. I like my waist to hip ratio. I have excess skin (IMO) around my stomach from weight fluctuations. Depending on the fit of my clothing, I can look quite pregnant or like I have an extremely flat tummy. My stomach has stretch marks. I have a pooch. It only seems to go away when I am on my best behavior, which apparently, is not often enough. LOL! Can you tell that I am full of laughs today?! Seriously though, my stomach is not drastically different than it was in years past. I’ve had a pooch all of my adult life. 
Overall I appreciate my tummy. I’m thankful that I don't go to bed without enough food to eat, that I don't have a painful disease (cancer comes to mind) tearing away at my insides, and that my tummy can kinda be molded into whatever I want it to be. I’ve never had an operation on it, and it bears no scars or permanent marks with the exception of a small birthmark. I have much to be grateful for.

How do you feel about your tummy?

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  1. I am indifferent towards my stomach, I don't like it, but i don't hate it, nor do I love it. I also thought of this the same way as you, I can be thankful and grateful that I have no diseases/illnesses that can be very painful x

  2. Hehe...great post Joi!! I feel the same way about my tummy too. After having a baby, its in a league of its own. Nothing I can do about it except some good exercise and diet. :-)

  3. A fab post Joi. Thanks for sharing. A good point is enough food in your belly and no diseases, things to be thankful for. Overall you have a really healthy attitude to your tum!

  4. Good post! I am still carrying the baby weight after my sons's birth, which was 30 years ago, LOL!! My tummy has been standing in my way of my wearing a size 12 and has decided to stick around. Sometimes it jiggles other times not. I am content as long as I can find something to camouflage it.

  5. Great post! I'm very indifferent towards my belly, but very grateful that I also don't have any diseases. :)